December 25, 2008

#25: christmas special

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Oh hi!
Expecting a jolly Christmas special weren’t you?
As you can see there isn’t one…
We believe, and when I say we I mean me and friend matei…… that it’s half past time you grow up!
Christmas isn’t jolly, our characters are probably out somewhere drinking themselves stupid!
‘tis the season to reflect upon one’s self and realize what you’ve lost and fucked up this year…
…and of course fool yourself into a sense of retarded happiness to forget and actually deny what has happened!
So think about it! Santa was shot by jesus, who then committed suicide! Christmas is all in your head, all an excuse for you to believe you’re a better human being! Well you’re not! And have a merry christmas!


December 18, 2008

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Din pacate nu vom posta in urmatoarele 2-3 saptamani [exceptie specialele de craciun si revelion], din motive de vacanta. vom revenii insa imediat dupa sarbatori cu episoade noi
Sarbatori Fericite!


December 16, 2008


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December 4, 2008


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